Orange County has the dubious honor of leading all of New York State in 'car on deer' collisions. According to a report from the Institute for Highway Safety Management and Research, more than 1,300 collisions were reported in both 2016 and 2017.

Driving anywhere in the Hudson Valley, you have to keep an eye out for deer year round but you're more likely to collide with one in the fall. Could it be because it's mating season and deer are out meeting their tinder dates at ungodly hours? We may never know.

According to data from State Farm, New York doesn't even crack the top 10 in terms of most collisions. In fact, New York ranks 28th on the list overall. The state you're most likely to hit a deer? West Virginia.

State Farm has a number of recommendations on how to avoid hitting deer, many of which are common sense. But if you see one deer crossing the road, there's a good chance there's more on the way. Avoid swerving and always remain focused.

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