What an incredible story it is. First off, lets take a moment to thank all of the wonderful dispatchers that are here in the Hudson Valley for their hard work and dedication. It's an extremely important job and it's moments like this that show how truly needed they are.

Orange County 911 Facebook
Orange County 911 Facebook

According to a post on the Orange County 911 Facebook Page, Dispatcher Gerard Lewis answered an emergency call from a couple that was driving on a local highway and were trying to get a hospital because the wife was in ACTIVE LABOR.

Oh baby.....

Dispatcher Lewis didn't hesitate one bit and immediately made sure the couple pulled over safely and then gave them crucial instructions to help assist with the birth of their child. However, the situation started to take a very scary turn.

Stay calm....

This is absolutely frightening, when the baby was first delivered the umbilical cord was wrapped around its neck. Dispatcher Lewis was able to calmly provide instructions about removing the cord and instructions for making sure the baby was breathing, wow.

A happy ending:

The New York State Police and Port Jervis Ambulance Corps were able to safely transport the mother and baby to Garnet Health Medical Center. Dispatcher Lewis is certified and highly trained Emergency Medical Dispatcher and his skills really were needed, thank you for your amazing work.

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