*** UPDATE: WROC is reporting that there were multiple scorpions in the package. The recipient's name is Paul Brenner, who is the drummer for the band, Joywave. Brenner had reportedly ordered  a T-shirt and shoes from the seller. ***

Hey, we didn't order this! We suppose a story like this is kind of perfect for Halloween, though you wouldn't want to be the person who opened this special delivery. Police say an unexpected stowaway most likely hitched a ride all the way from Hawaii and arrived in New York state Monday afternoon. The item, that police say a person ordered over the internet, contained an extra unpleasant surprise inside.

WROC says that the package arrived in New York Monday afternoon from Hawaii. Police did not indicate exactly what the online item was. Officials say they received a call from a residency that there was a scorpion inside the package. But while officials aren't quite sure how the scorpion got inside the box to begin with, they don't feel this was an intentional act of any sort. They believe the scorpion either simply crawled into the package, or the order that was inside the package.

Scorpions are not generally found in New York, for they are cold-blooded invertebrates who prefer warmer climates. Winters in the Northeast are just too cold for them, plus there are an abundance of natural predators who'd make a scorpion an easy snack. There is a species called pseudoscorpions (or, book scorpions) that are found in New York, however. These tiny creatures belong to the class arachnid, and lack the curved "tail" scorpion are known for.

But while scorpions aren't generally something we have to worry about in New York, what about roosters? PIX11 is reported that a man was attacked by a rooster in late September in Jamaica, Queens. Officials say the feathered bandit got loose from a neighbor's home before attacking the victim. Now, residents in the neighborhood have been left fearful to walk down the street. The victim told the press that one of his neighbor's was attacked by a chicken in a separate incident. NBC says the bird have been terrorizing this neighborhood for years.