Fall is upon us and the spooky events are beginning across the Hudson Valley. Nothing says Halloween quite like a murder mystery Halloween party in an actual haunted mansion.

The Burn Brae Mansion on the Burn Brae fairgrounds is known for its eccentric murder mystery dinner parties. This year for Halloween they're going all out.

Burn Brae Mansion has a chilling reputation of being haunted. According to BestThingsinNY.com, there have been reports of doors slamming closed and opening on their own, children's voices, apparitions of a man in white, the sound of an organ playing when there isn't an organ in the house along with other creepy reports of ghostly encounters. For instance this claim:

An elderly couple in their 90s, the Hapijs, both died in the house. Guests say that they can still see them from the front yard playing chess by the big window, hear his classical music and smell her daily baking.

With that being said, are you brave enough to attend a Halloween Murder Mystery party at this haunted mansion?

On Saturday, October 2nd, Burn Brae Mansion will host Dead Man's Party: Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner.  Tickets to the Halloween dinner party include:

  • entertainment
  • appetizers
  • all you-you-can-eat BBQ dinner and dessert
  • great prizes including a $100 gift certificate

Costumes are encouraged and the event will be outdoors on the Burn Brae fairgrounds, with special rates at the Mansion.

For details about how you can get your tickets or to reserve a table email info@burnbraemansion or call 845-856-3335. You can also find more details on the event's Facebook page. 

Burn Brae Mansion has a full list of family fun Halloween events this year like their Dark Forest tours! For more dates and openings visit their Facebook page.

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