When actor Paul Walker tragically passed away in November 2013 it left family, friends and fans devastated....it also left makers of Furious 7 in a bind. At the time the 7th movie in the Fast and Furious franchise was mid-way through production, so what to do. Well why not create a digital version of our beloved Paul Walkers face and put it over his brothers body! Yeah, why not! I have to say when I first heard this idea I was skeptical...what would the CG Paul look like, would he be as handsome, would it look real? Well on April 3rd millions of fans flocked to theaters to find the answer...and what did they find? They found a perfectly realistic Paul Walker...and now we know why!


According to Hollywood Reporter Peter Jackson's WETA Workshop was tasked with reanimating Walker for Furious 7. WETA has declined to comment but if you're going to have any special effects team bring a dead actor back to life it should be a company known for it's life like creations. WETA has created characters such as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and Caesar in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. But is this digital resurrection too much? Are we going to far? When do we draw the line...as the death of an actor apparently is no longer death...deep I know. What do you think? Should movie makers be allowed to go to such measures or should they be forced to scrap production after an unexpected actor death? Either way...in this case you should enjoy it. Take in those baby blues one last time...even if they're digital baby blues!

R.I.P Paul!