Back in June of this year, we reported on the case of Ricky Charles Goodrich, an executive at Pearl Jam's former management company who was charged with stealing $380,000 from the band over a four-year period. Now, Goodrich has pleaded guilty to 6 counts associated with those charges. reports that Goodrich has pleaded guilty to 6 of the 33 charges levied against him in June. He was the CFO at Curtis Management, which claimed a total loss of $566,000 when factoring in the investigative costs. Goodrich was fired from the company in 2010 after Curtis Management learned he was using the band's credit cards for personal items and transferring money into his personal accounts to pay off personal debts.

Goodrich will be sentenced in February, and prosecutors are expected to seek a 6-month prison term if Goodrich pays off the full amount of money that he stole. If he doesn't come up with the money, prosecutors are going to ask for a 14-month sentence.