We get fan mail, comments and criticisms all of the time. It's not every day that we get mail from guys and gals in maximum security prisons. However, when we do we have to read them to the entire class.

I think everyone has a strange fascination with prison. There has to be a reason why Oz, Prison Break, Escape from Alcatraz and Shawshank Redemption are so popular. We asked a few questions on our show about prison and encouraged any prisoners to write in. Low and behold we got a few letters.

It's important to know that there are human beings inside those walls with hopes, dreams and families. Many prisoners will be out of prison and a few years. We cannot strip their sense of humanity if we are expecting them to rejoin society shortly.

You can watch one letter we received in the video above. Enjoy.

It's good to know that we have some friends one the inside. If you know someone who could be a pen pal please encourage them to write:

Brandi & Nick

2 Pendell Rd, Poughkeepsie 12601