Picture it now...you're looking for a great home to escape to in the Hudson Valley and you come across a stunning structure that is unique and spectacular. However, you find out the owner of the home plays one of the most sinister characters on television, what do you do? Do you still buy it or do you walk away while you still can and never look back?

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Remember that show 'You' on Netflix that became an instant hit? Of course you do, we all watched it, loved it and still are obsessed with it. Not only did it completely terrify us, but everyone couldn't stop watching and it made many of us question if we would ever date again if someone like Joe Goldberg is out there or even talking to another human again. Actor Penn Badgley does and incredible job as Joe, but that's not the only big role he's had. Badgley played Dan Humphrey on 'Gossip Girl', "the other Tucker" on 'John Tucker Must Die' and has had countless other roles. That's all very impressive and cool, but he also has a huge Hudson Valley connection and you could live just like how he does.

Penn Badgley's Hudson Valley connection:

According to People, Penn Badgley has reportedly listed his beautiful Hudson Valley home for sale. The STUNNING home has 10 privates acres, 4 bedrooms , 4 bathrooms and offers a ton of privacy (perfect for Joe Goldberg). Hmmm...something looks funny about the front of the house.

J.Amburn,A.Ferguson, Four Seasons Sotheby's Int'l-K via zillow.com/Canva
J.Amburn,A.Ferguson, Four Seasons Sotheby's Int'l-K via zillow.com/Canva

The home is located in Olive (what a cute name) and it's right in the heart of Ulster County. The current listing price of the home is $1,700,000 and that completely makes sense with everything that home has to offer.

No...I'm not telling you the address, you're just doing to have to do your best Joe Goldberg sleuthing skills to figure it out.

Here's a full look at Penn Badgley's stunning Hudson Valley home:

Penn Badgley