Hillary Clinton and her daughter reportedly caught a surprise performance of Phantom of the Plopera while at a Broadway show.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down Broadway performances for over a year. People are extremely excited to get back into the theatres. Maybe some people are a little too excited.

It's good to know that someone as busy as Hillary Clinton has time to appreciate the fine arts. Or should I say the fine sharts? The former Senator and First Lady allegedly came extremely close to meeting a possible serial pooper on Broadway.

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According to Page Six, Hillary and her daughter were enjoying a night out at the Shubert Theater on Broadway for a performance of “Some Like It Hot.”

I guess it was a total s*** show in the most literal sense. Page Six reports that a fan defected in the aisle near the Clinton's. A source told Page Six that this kind of incident has happened at previous shows as well.

It's hard to believe since she has such a high political profile that this was not politically motivated but it seems like the Clinton's appearance could have had no impact on the pooper's decision.

Hillary Clinton is a controversial figure but she remains busy in New York. It was announced this year that she would be a professor at Columbia University in New York City.

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I guess Twitter isn't the only thing that exploded next to Hillary.

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