Firefighters received a rather unusual call Monday afternoon when they responded to reports of someone's pet stranded in a tree. But this wasn't another case of a cat who climbed to the top of a tree and got stuck. In this particular case, it was a parakeet. According to, pet parakeets who escape usually tire easily but can travel up to a mile if they catch a wind current to ride on or if they're frightened. In the story below, however, the parakeet had its wings clipped, making it almost impossible for it to fly down from the top of the tree.

Parakeet Saved in Ulster County 

The Kingston Fire Department shared on their Facebook page that they were contacted in reference to a domestic bird that was in a tree and in need of rescue. See Also: Ducklings Saved in Lower Hudson Valley After Getting Trapped in Drain The parakeet, appropriately named Birdie, had escaped from a 6th-story window and due to having clipped wings he was not able to fly. The Kingston Fire Department said that Birdie was able to safely glide to the tree and waited to be rescued because he was too scared to come down. The crew from Truck 1, using the aerial ladder, was able to get to Birdie and successfully make the rescue. Birdie was given back to his owners and was in good health.

Feral Kitten With Only One Eye Saved by Police in the Hudson Valley

A quick-thinking police officer was luckily on hand to save a kitten that was said to be in need of medical attention over the weekend. According to police, this young cat only had one eye, which has got to be quite a disadvantage when you're out fighting for survival.

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The Ramapo Police Department said on their Facebook page that one of their officers responded to a call for a kitten in need of assistance. Police say upon his arrival, Officer Callinan found the feral kitten, with one eye and clearly in need of medical attention.

Police say Callinan transported the kitten to the Veterinary Emergency Group in Nanuet for evaluation and treatment. The kitten was said to have been taken in for care and, once healthy enough, will be taken to an animal shelter.

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