There's a pretty crazy story about how one Dutchess County town caused a big controversy because of their name.

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It's not everyday that you hear about something like this. Most people know Fishkill, NY as a cute, quaint town that has great restaurants and is very easy to get to. At some point, most people who live in the Hudson Valley have been near or in the Town of Fishkill. You might not know this,..there once was major drama because one prominent group was upset about the name of the town and they were trying to get it changed.

Who was upset about the name Fishkill?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

PETA is a popular animal rights group that tries to protect animals and stop abuse and cruel behavior towards them. PETA has used numerous celebrities and campaigns to get their message across the country. So how exactly did they get involved with the Town of Fishkill?

According to sources, in 1996 the group suggested that the Town of Fishkill change the name of their town, that's right...change the name of the town. PETA officials felt another name would be better and especially something that did not suggest violence towards fish. The town still has the same name so officials declined changing it because they said the name is Dutch and "kil" means it's really Fish Creek,  sort of.

Others also suggested that if Fishkill needed to be changed because "kill" is in the name and it involved an animal that the Catskills and Beaver Kill area should be changed as well. Hopefully we all know that a lot of these names have been around forever and nobody is being encouraged to hurt or harm any animal in the Hudson Valley. However, it did make for a very interesting story.

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