Do you believe?

If you grew up in the Hudson Valley you've heard about how Orange County is a hot spot for unidentified flying objects. More specifically, in the Pine Bush area.

But it's not something that they are afraid to share with the world. Pine Bush embraces their love for UFO's and aliens. Every year they host the Pine Bush UFO Fair and this year is no different. The popular festival will be held this year Saturday, May 18th.  

There's one way you can prep yourself for the out of this world  festival. You can catch up with the latest episode Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel.

The Mysteries at The Museum crew visits Pine Bush to check out the model for their newest destination for UFO enthusiast. According to the Facebook post there's a new museum in the works. The Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum will be opening in the next few months.

The Facebook post explains that the museum will focus on the sightings and history of unidentified flying objects in and around the Pine Bush area and Hudson Valley. As of right now the museum isn't a permanent addition to Orange Count, but one could hope.

Will you be checking out the museum when it opens?