Could Kim Deal return to the Pixies if she wanted to? Here is what "The Pixies" have to say about it. The Pixies drummer David Lovering says they'd welcome Kim Deal back if she ever wanted to return to the band.  Deal left last year, but in a recent interview with "NME," Lovering and Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago say they still "have a lot of goodwill" with the group's founding bassist.  Lovering says they told Deal "she's welcome back anytime," but he says he's not sure if she'll ever accept the invitation.  Plus, they're both happy with the Pixies' current touring bassist, Paz Lenchantin.  Lovering says she's such a good bass player it's forced him to drum better so he doesn't get embarrassed, and Santiago says he'd pick Paz as their new permanent bassist if he was forced to choose.