Which bands do you need to see in your lifetime? Could this be your year?

As we gear up to send one lucky listener and a guest to Tampa to see The Lumineers and U2 for the Jetaway Getaway, it got me thinking.

I don't know if this is your year but it's definitely mine. There are two bands coming to the area that are on my band bucket list. If you don't get a chance to see U2 in Tampa, don't worry, you can join me at Metlfe Stadium in June to catch them.

Another band on my bucket list is The Pixies. They'll be in Brooklyn for a few shows and also in Connecticut,

If there's and artist or band you'd like to see take my advice and don't wait up.

Here are some bands that you want to see or have come the Hudson Valley:

"Bands I would love for you to try to bring to the Hudson valley: Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, Panic! at The Disco amf 30 Seconds to Mars!"
"Definitely Three Days Grace!! Or Weezer! Love you guys!"
"Top band on my bucket list to see is The Black Keys."