Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports has no time for bad pizza or the people who make it.

If you watch enough of these pizza reviews you had to have seen this coming.

The video shows the owner of the restaurant come out and state how he doesn't appreciate Dave's reviews. Dave Portnoy is the founder and current owner of Barstool Sports. Portnoy has a popular video series where he travels the country highlighting pizza restaurants. These videos have the power to make or break a pizza establishment. More often than not these reviews help put small businesses on the map.

Dave has reviewed several pizza places in the Hudson Valley and beyond. He famously did not enjoy an Upstate New York restaurant's slice recently. Even the staff members didn't seem to be too excited about their pizza.

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Just a few weeks later while visiting Massachusetts, Portnoy may have had the most uncomfortable review yet. One bite. Everyone knows the rules but not everyone agrees with the outspoken Barstool boss. The owner of the establishment came out in the middle of the video to tell Portnoy what he thinks of him and his video series. Portnoy held his own and defended himself.

What did you think of the interaction? Who was out of line?

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