When March roles around we all start to celebrate the end of winter, if you ignore the excessive amounts of snow we've had this year. There was no snow however on this day! The path was clear and the stage was set for the biggest Irish celebration outside St. Patrick's day!

St. Patrick's day falls on the 17th but here in The Hudson Valley, it's not just a holiday, it's a SEASON! Paddy On The River is the official kickoff and was held the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day this year.

This day, PJ heads straight towards the Hudson River for this Irish Celebration in pursuit of shenanigans. There were many shenanigans procured and the variety of said shenanigans was plentiful. Fortunately, there were no evil shenanigans.

Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you for bringing the noise and the fun! Can't wait for Next Year!