Hyde Park Roller Magic is under new ownership and one the first new features was the re-introduction of Adult Sk8 Night. That's right, a night of roller skating for adults 18 & up. After not strapping on a pair of skates for over 25 years, I decided it was time to revive a childhood tradition I thought would stay in the past.

The agility required to roller skate is not that out of reach for most people. But when you put on skates for the first time in a while, you're like a newborn baby deer. Balance somehow escapes you and the fear of dropping to the floor is immediate. "It'll be like riding a bicycle" I thought to myself, I was dead wrong.

Setting fear and embarrassment aside, I attended the first Adult Sk8 Night of 2018. I wasn't the only one either, nearly 100 other adults couldn't wait to get to the rink either! In the video you will see how well I navigate while negotiation the walls and other skaters, it's comical to say the least.