There's plenty to see in the night skies over the Hudson Valley this month. An event that hasn't happened in 18 years will take place later this month, and experts say we'll have plenty of opportunities to view it. But while the event takes place over the course of multiple days, you're going to have to be up pretty early to see it. Maybe we'll finally have some good weather to actually see it? At least this shouldn't be a dud like the predicted meteor shower in late May?

What is Happening? 

AccuWeather says that the Moon will align with five of the planets later in June. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will appear in order for the last few weeks of the month and will be visible right before dawn. AccuWeather says that Friday, June 24 will be the best morning to see the planets, as a waning crescent Moon will fall into between Venus and Mars. The best way to see it is to look east right before sunrise. Fox says that by early July, Mercury will disappear below the horizon.

Fox 17 says that the last time the planets aligned like this was in December 2004. The next time won't be until 2040.

Other Cool Stuff to Look At

There are other astronomical events to look forward to in June. Aside from five of the planets aligning in the night sky by late June, we are also expecting the year's first Supermoon. Some even refer to it as the Super Strawberry Moon. The name comes as it is the last full moon of the spring, and comes during the time of year when berries ripen.

Balazs Kovacs
Balazs Kovacs

AccuWeather says that this will be the first Supermoon in about a year. Supermoons occur when the Earth aligns with the Moon and Sun as the perigee (closer) side of the Moon is facing us, and the Moon happens to be on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun. Basically, it's just a full moon but slightly bigger and brighter. The next Supermoon will arrive the nights of June 13 to 14.

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