Not being someone who has a green thumb, it has always amazed me how green other people's plants can be. I hate to say that I might have a very bad case of plant envy but unfortunately, I think it is true.

Over the years, I have attempted to grow many types of plants but sadly most of them didn't last long. I had an ivy that hung on for a few years but seriously, ivy is pretty easy so I really can't take any credit.  Lately, I have mostly had cacti. For some reason, I seem to do better with them in general.

Tips For Keeping Houses Plants in New York

Geraniums flowers

I do occasionally attempt an herb plant or two but even that doesn't end well. Over the pandemic, I managed to kill 2 basil plants and one rosemary plant. I am currently watering a sage plant with the hope that it makes it for warmer weather outside but it is touch and go at the moment.

With plants becoming more and more popular, I figured why not help us brown thumbed folks? So I dug up some tips from the internet.  Zen Belly is offering what seems to be sage advice (no pun intended). They say water, feed, and clean them. They also suggest you pick easy to care for plants and be sure you have enough light for the plant you pick. Luckily, all of that information is usually right on the plant's tag so read before you buy.

Peekskill Brewery via Google
Peekskill Brewery via Google

Learn About Plants at the Peekskill Brewery Sips & Succulents

I also found a fun event at the Peekskill Brewery where you can learn about succulents while enjoying a beer. Sips & Succulents is happening this Sunday, May 1, 2022, and FYI succulents can be very easy keepers.

So what are you waiting for just about every store in a 100-mile radius is selling plants don't be afraid to get one?

Plants in New York that Repel Bugs

Beautiful Plants That Also Keep The Bugs Away

Did you know there are plenty of plants that offer protection from mosquitoes, spiders, house flys and more? Yes, check out these natural bug repellants that are affordable and available now.

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