What are the scene's biggest songs of all time? This week on Note To Scene, Tyler breaks down the biggest tracks to ever come out of our world based on Hot 100 chartings.

So as with all stats, context needs to be taken into consideration. Any position on any given chart is ultimately reflective of what else is on the chart at that time. Therefore, some times are lighter in terms of competition and vice-versa.

However, the Hot 100 is the industry benchmark for what a No. 1 song is. Tyler starts with tracks that peaked at No. 10 and goes all the way through to the only No. 1 the scene ever had. Think you know what it is? Listen to find out.

Also this week there is news from Emmure, Attila and I Prevail. All three have new songs: Emmure's "Uncontrollable Descent," Attila's "Cancelled" and I Prevail's new version of their song "DOA," which features rapper Joyner Lucas.

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