Niantic has just announced that the next Community Day event will be Sunday, April 15th starting at 2:00pm and ending at 5:00pm. Refreshments are made available and participants are encouraged to arrive before 2pm. An award ceremony will follow the event at 5:15pm.

I went to my first Pokémon Community Day last month. What I saw was overwhelming, over 100 Pokémon Trainers gathered with a common goal, to catch'em all! You can watch the video from last month down below.

With the success of the past 3 Community Days, event organizer Chelsea Carol-Roundy is going to keep this a regular monthly event!

Trainers will get to enjoy 3 hour lures as well as reduced egg hatch distances of 1/4. For the first time, the Pokemon GO Community Day will feature a Gen 2 Pokemon. It’s Mareep, the electric sheep Pokémon! There's no news about potential shiny Pokemon, however, they have been featured in every community day so far, so it I’m would make sense for yet another shiny to make an appearance.