A tense standoff is now over after a man entered a New York Stewart's Shop claiming to have a bomb.

The hours-long operation closed multiple streets, evacuated nearby buildings, and involved negotiators from the New York State Police. Not only was the man charged with making a terroristic threat, but something he did while inside the Stewart's Shop landed the 44-year-old man with another felony.

Police responded to this Tupper Lake, NY Stewart's Shop when calls reported a "suspicious" man (Google)
Police responded to this Tupper Lake, NY Stewart's Shop when calls reported a "suspicious" man (Google)

Bomb Threat at Tupper Lake, NY Stewart's Shop

Police say that 911 calls started coming in just before 3pm on Wednesday in Tupper Lake, NY reporting a "suspicious" man at the gas pumps. When police showed up, the suspect entered the Stewart's Shop where he remained for hours. While no explosives were found after the standoff ended, witnesses say the man claimed to have a bomb in his backpack and was holding an apparent "detonator device". But back to the additional felony...


Extra Felony Charges for Suspect

On top of the charges of making a terroristic threat and Placing a False Bomb or Hazardous Substance, the suspect was also charged for burglary thanks to the food he allegedly enjoyed while he was in the middle of the standoff.

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You read that right. Police say that in the middle of a high-stakes standoff, the man allegedly pretending to have a bomb found time to enjoy some delicious Stewart's snacks while everyone else was scared for their lives. No word on what he ate...

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Bomb Scare at Tupper Lake, NY Stewart's Diffused

The ending was of course the best-case scenario. With no injuries and the suspect eventually giving himself roughly 5 hours after he entered the store, the only casualty seems to have been a sandwich. That says nothing, though, of the mental and emotional effects it may have had on Stewart's employees, patrons, and law enforcement. Some even graciously hoped for the suspect to receive the help he clearly needs.

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