I wouldn't judge under normal circumstances but there is the whole global pandemic thing going on.

There are people who would actually go to a swingers club in the middle of a pandemic? I just hope they wear masks even if that's all they wear.

There's a lot of activities that have been cancelled in the last 8 months. Everything from sports game, concerts, food festivals and even conventions have been casualties of COVID-19. We've even lost a lot of local businesses over the last 8 months. With all of that, who would have thought that a swingers club would be appropriate?

According to the New York Post, an alleged underground swingers club was broken up in Queens this past weekend. The event was illegal due to the state's capacity and gathering restrictions. The post also reported that the event was held at an upscale bar. Police say that the party may have hosted a gathering of more than 70 people. Legally, the establishment is supposed to operating at 50% capacity.

The New York Post also reported that one of the attendees stated that they wore a mask the entire night. At least the odds of catching the coronavirus were slim that night.

We've learned over the last 8 months that the we'll need to continue to adapt to tightening restrictions. Could there be more coming in the future? It's possible but in the meantime we should probably avoid underground swingers clubs for the time being. Just as precaution.

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