A Hudson Valley politician was caught on camera being verbally abusive towards police officers.

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On Tuesday, City of Newburgh Councilman Omari Shakur was involved in an incident with a City of Newburgh police detective.

Shakur was verbally abusive towards the officers and was caught on camera telling a detective, “I’m your f------ boss," according to the Police Superior Officers Association of Newburgh. Shakur also threatened to run over another uniformed police officer, telling him “pull your gun out b---- 'cause I’m getting ready to go at you," the Police Superior Officers Association of Newburgh said. All of this was captured on body cameras worn by police, according to the release.

"We hold our Police Officers and elected officials to the highest of standards and this is a prime example of gross deviation from what the residents and employees of the City of Newburgh expect from their elected officials. Councilman Shakur has repeatedly engaged in conduct that undermines the very fabric of our democracy and has endangered the lives of City of Newburgh Police Officers as well as other first responders that serve our community," Police Superior Officers Association of Newburgh said in a press release.

Shakur has apologized but says there is more to the incident then is being reported.

"I am working on doing better and will need to love and support of the community," Shakur said. "To the residents of Newburgh, I sincerely apologize for the offensive language that I used during the incident."

Shakur has also asked for an independent investigation.

"Before the video footage, there were approximately 15 minutes of an unrecorded interaction with an undercover officer during which I was subjected to direct and personal harassment that was deeply disrespectful to me, my deceased son and my family," Shakur said in a statement. "It was particularly painful to be treated this way while I was engaged in a discussion with a constituent around a particular set of challenges that we were trying to resolve."

City of Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey has condemned Shakur's actions towards police.

"The language used in the interaction by City Councilman Shakur with our Detective and patrolmen was unprofessional and inappropriate. We do not tolerate or accept ANYONE speaking to our police officers in that manner: our police officers work diligently day to day to protect our city! I support ALL of our City Police officers and commend them for showing patience and deference in the given circumstances according to the video," Harvey said in a statement. "After speaking with our District Attorney for Orange County David Hoovler, our City Police Department did nothing wrong according to his investigation and I stand in agreement with him."