Beware of scams. Prosecutors say two nurses in New York ran a fake COVID-19 vaccine car scam and pocketed over $1.5 million since November 2021. The Suffolk County District Attorney says the pair charged adults over $200 for the phony cards and would enter the false information into the state immunization database. Kind of scary that two people working in the health care profession could pull off such a scheme?

ABC says that the owner of the pediatric clinic in Amityville, and her employee, were both charged with felony forgery. Prosecutors said the nurses forged a fake COVID card that indicated that the vaccine had been administered to an undercover detective. CBS NY says that some neighboring business owners near the clinic felt something was odd due to the high volume of foot traffic in and out of the clinic. Some told CBS that they felt very disheartened that this happened.

With the debate over vaccines and proof of immunization being such a hot topic, don't expect cases like this to go away. In September 2021, the New York Daily News reported that a 53-year-old woman was traveling through Harrison when she was initially pulled over on suspicion of the forged plates. Once pulled over, police noticed an actual stash of 21 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards in her vehicle, according to the Daily News.

The Westchester County District Attorney says the woman was charged Tuesday in Harrison Town Court with five counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument. Now the Mount Vernon woman could face anywhere from just probation time to up to seven years in jail. State officials are on the hunt for fake vaccination cards like these, especially as some businesses are now mandating all employees carry proof of vaccination. if caught, you could be facing some serious charges.

The penalties for falsifying a vaccine card can be stiff. If you are caught with a fake COVID-19 vaccine card you should face up to five years in prison or a $5,000 fine, according to the Department of Justice.

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