The bodycam video captured from New York State Trooper Francis W. Rush looks like a scene pulled from an action movie. In reality, it was a real-life rescue after a car was submerged underwater and the driver was left unconscious in Fishkill.

Trooper Rush in drier conditions (New York State Police via Facebook)
Trooper Rush in drier conditions (New York State Police via Facebook)

Water Rescue in Fishkill, NY

"Without hesitation, Trooper Rush entered a pond off Westgate Drive in Fishkill and rescued the driver of a car that was submerged in 15 feet of water," began a Facebook post from the New York State Police (NYSP).

"Trooper Rush swam to the unconscious victim and pulled him to shore. The driver was treated and survived the incident". In a video shared over 600 times, hundreds of comments poured in to celebrate the amazing rescue.

New York State Police via Facebook
New York State Police via Facebook

The Hudson Valley Responds

"Great job to him and the pedestrians who helped save this gentleman from drowning", commented a Hudson Valley woman, in a nod to the other person that can be seen in the video in the water next to the submerged car. "Not a bit of hesitation… thank you for your service!! You’re an amazing individual! Well done Trooper Rush!!", added another. In the video below, it seems that Trooper Rush doesn't waste a second from the moment he exits his patrol car to the instant the rescued driver is safe on shore.

Body Cam Footage from Water Rescue in Fishkill, NY

While Trooper Rush's body cam is underwater for the majority of the video, you can see his arms working frantically as he swims back to shore with the unconscious driver. The NYSP shared that the driver was believed to have "accidentally [driven] into the pond after suffering a medical emergency." Luckily, they survived.

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