Summer means hot, and ice cream is the perfect way to cool down.

I'm on the hunt for the best ice cream stand in the Hudson Valley. There's nothing at stake here, I just really like ice cream. My first job was at an ice cream stand, the Walden Frostee Freeze in Walden.

So I'm trying to find the best ice cream stand in all of the Hudson Valley. I plan on making a trip to each one that you tell me about. Dutchess County, Ulster County, Orange, Rockland, Putnam, you name it! Let me know what you think is the best of the best in the Hudson Valley.

Like I said, you're not going to get anything out of this, except the satisfaction of knowing that you turned me on to a great ice cream stand. You can even tell me your favorite thing to get at your favorite stand. I want to know all about your ice cream preferences!