The landmark Catskill Game Farm delighted families for generations but was forced to close down permanently in October of 2006. Here's a look at what led to the closure. According to the Albany Business Review, they locked the gates for the final time on October 9, 2006, after 70+ years in operation. Owner Kathie Shulz bought the family business in the late 80s and due to declining attendance numbers were forced to make the difficult decision to close.

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Shulz's father Roland Lindemann opened the Game Farm in 1933 with just a few deer, donkeys, and sheep. By the time it closed, there were more than 2,000 animals spread out over 1,000 acres. Each of the 80 employees was given about three months notice so they could have a chance to find new jobs.

The 1960s were peak years for Catskill Game Farm, drawing an estimated 500,000 visitors per season. By the late 80s, that number dropped to around 100,000, not enough to make the business profitable.

The Old Game Farm is up for sale for just shy of $2 million. While a new owner is sought you can still visit and explore the property. Here's a sample of the sights, for an inside look at the recently remodeled Long Neck Inn keep scrolling down.

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