Can you believe we are almost coming up to the one-year mark of the COVID-19 lockdown?

For the last 300 some odd days, we've been practicing social distancing, wearing masks and, for many, working and learning from home.

With movement in the COVID-19 vaccine and more people getting vaccinated daily, talks of going back to work in office buildings and schools have begun. A new study, reported by PR Newswire, shows that many employees aren't in a rush to get back to the office.

According to a survey by PR Newswire and CHG Healthcare, only 9% of people who have worked remotely said they want to go back to work in an office. 32% want to stay remote forever, while 54% say they would be open to a mix of remote and an in-office workday.

If you're looking to continue your work from home journey, have you thought about taking your show on the road? One Hudson Valley venue is making a tempting offer.

The Catskill Game Farm, which was once abandoned, is a working hotel with WI-FI and all the amenities you need for a successful work from home environment.

A change of scenery is probably welcomed after almost a year of working from home.

The Catskill Game Farm offers stays in the Giraffe Room that fits 3 guests and has a "Private En-Suite Bathroom with walk-in shower with rainfall shower-head."

In an email the Game Farm team writes:

This season of working from home has been a stretch for all of us. Change up your scenery with a unique and secluded midweek getaway without missing a day of work.  Go to work from your own personal workspace in the beautiful Catskill mountains. Enjoy scenic breaks exploring the grounds, high speed WIFI and unlimited complimentary coffee.

If that isn't a selling point, think about how cool it would be to walk around the abandoned Catskill Game Farm grounds during your lunch break!

For more information on the Catskill Game Farm and how to book your WFH-stay, check out their website at


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