I noticed a trend a while back that more and more people seemed to be buying plants. You may be asking how I know that and I will explain. You see I happened to enjoy a shop at Water Street Market in New Paltz, NY which is known as the Grazery. They are a cheese shop but as their sign says out front they are the cheesiest plant shop in New Paltz. Since they opened they have been moving plants out as fast as the cheese.

Recently I discovered that there is another shop in town that also sells many green things that grow. The Ritualist which just moved to its new location on Main Street in New Paltz is a modern witch shop that also sells plants. As a matter of fact, according to their Facebook page, we just missed a big plant sale.

Where to Get House Plants in New Paltz, NY

Various different trendy tropical house plants in flower pots arranged on shelf

I realize that during the pandemic many of us spend more time at home which meant more time to look around the house and make it fun to be working from home but I think the uptick in being a "Plant Parent" is coming from somewhere else. Maybe it stems from the idea that we want to care for something but aren't ready for a pet or a partner.

What are the Most Popular House Plants for 2022

Whatever the cause I am not alone in noticing this trend. Recently I was contacted by a group that put together a list of the Trendy Plants of 2022. Turns out Angi.com formerly known as Angi's List compiled a list of the 10 Most Popular House Plants. Guest which hearty plant made the top of the list. Yep, the Snake Plant, do you have one?

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash
Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Other popular choices according to Angi.com were the Christmas Cactus and the Money Tree. Just as remarkable if you ask me is that Marijuana didn't make the list. Check out the list and the next time you are on a virtual call with someone notice if they are a plant parent. It will be easy to spot because they will most likely have a plant close by on the call.

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