Even though there may be snow on the ground and the temps are still in the 20s and 30s, Hudson Valley residents are counting down the seconds until Joe’s Dairy Bar & Grill opens their doors for business!

The countdown isn’t all that long though, as popular spot in Hopewell Junction will kick off their 2019 season, officially, on Friday March 1st at 12pm!

Some local residents wait all year for Joe’s Opening Day, almost like a right of passage for Spring to officially start! There was even a visit from an Iron Man 3 actor to Joe’s last summer, find out who HERE - even superheroes know what’s up in the Hudson Valley!

They’ve been posting a countdown and update on their Facebook page for days, sharing behind the scenes photos and videos of all the prep they are doing to get ready for opening day - making fresh cookies for their ice cream sandwiches, receiving ice cream deliveries, and even letting everyone know that they have made the switch from Pepsi to Coke products!

Check out more information on the business' Facebook page.

What do you think - will you be heading to Joe’s for a treat this weekend?