The Hudson Valley is filled with activities for all ages along with attractions and landmarks to experience. Visitors from different states take a trip to the Hudson Valley to explore its beauty during all four seasons.

Popular attractions such as Walkway Over The Hudson, Storm King Art Center and LEGOLAND New York Resort are well known. However, the most underrated attraction in the Hudson Valley is the World's Largest Kalidescope. 

Those who enjoy time outside can embrace the Hudson Valley's best hidden view is hidden in Ulster County, NY. For foodies, the "home of the famous pumpernickel raisin bread" can be found in Ulster County, NY.

While some Hudson Valley landmarks may be noticeable from the road, others must be explored more to get the full experience.

Only Real Hudson Valley Natives Can Tell Where These Landmarks Are From


Chomsky, The Guiness World Recorder Holder, Largest Garden Gnome

Kelders Farm

5755 US-209, Kerhonkson, NY 12446

Situated on a beautiful, insert acres family run farm in Ulster County, NY stands a giant statue. This statue is surrounded by unique farm attractions such as a ring on a string, a candy cannon, duck races, a massive jumping pillow, corn crib and more.

This popular farm has added a new addition on site this year. A 60 foot jumping pad that looks like a giant Jack-o-Lantern can also be spotted on the same grounds as the Guiness World Record holder.

The World's Largest Garden Gnome greets customers from the side of a busy road in Ulster County, NY. He stands tall, happy and dressed nicely.

Chomsky is the World's Largest Garden Gnome at Kelder's Farm located in Kerhonkson, NY. Roadside America has shared additional information about this giant gnome.

They shared that he's the "original" World's Largest Garden Gnome to help separate him from the others.

Roadside America also explained that Chomsky is 13.5 feet tall and was known for being "the world's largest when he was built in 2006 by Maria Reidelbach, an artist in New York City.

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Hippie Muffler Man

Sullivan County, NY

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Roadside America shared that the Hippie Muffler Man,

"grooves near that epicenter of feel-good Flower Power--Woodstock. Actually, he's nowhere near the town of Woodstock, because the iconic 1969 festival was held here, 60 miles southwest in Bethel, on dairy farmland owned by Max Yasgur."

Roadside America explained that the Hippie Muffler Man had several jobs before he landed in Bethel, NY to soak up the peace, love and fresh air that basks around him now.

They shared that in the 1960's, the Muffler Man was a "typical Establishment Bunyan" and he held a car muffler while standing in front of a brake and muffler business in Albany, NY. The car's muffler was labeled "Safeway".

In the 1980's, the Hippie Muffler Man was auctioned to a Monticello, NY jeep dealership after the previous business where he was located was liquidated. The Hippie Muffler Man's new prop was an ax that he held, Roadside America claimed that it was a "nonviolent ax".

In the 1990's, the Hippie Muffler Man was then moved to an ice cream shop which was later known as Eden Brook Fish Market also in Monticello, NY where he then held a fish as a prop.

Roadside America shared that the Hippie Muffler Man is standing as he's anchored to a telephone pole which is done with cables and ropes. He has a beautiful view of wild flowers that grow in front of him.

He will be on your right hand side past Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. While paying attention to the road, ask your sidekick/co pilot to take some pictures of this fiberglass giant that is grooving right in Sullivan County, NY. I found Hippie Muffler Man's location on Google Maps, pass Yasgur's Road on your right and he will appear down the road on the same side.

Lucky the Largest Cat Statue

Blue Arrow Farm

86 Glenwood Rd, Pine Island, NY 10969

Blue Arrow Farm takes pride in helping animals in need. They describe themselves as

"A unique, multi‑purpose farm and outdoor entertainment facility, and a magical place for the whole family."

Blue Arrow Farm is a non profit animal sanctuary and horse rescue. They provide a space that allows animals to live in a safe and loving home.Blue Arrow Farm also has a beautiful butterfly sanctuary, apiary for honey bees, outdoor entertainment space, farm tours and more.

They have different events on site such as weddings, a Christmas party, art gallery and more.I spoke with Blue Arrow Farm about their large cat statue, Lucky.

"It was a float in the original Macy's Day parade and is now living its best life at the farm!"

Teepees And Wagon

Blue Arrow Farm

86 Glenwood Rd, Pine Island, NY 10969

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

When was the last time that you spotted teepees and a wagon in the Hudson Valley? This experience was my first at Blue Arrow Farm in Pine Island, NY.

While visiting with the farm animals, I glanced over and noticed teepees and a wagon in the field. Whether this is something that can be used as a photo opportunity, highlighted in a special event or as a place to hang out, Hudson Valley residents can explore something that they may not have seen before.

Have you been to any of these Hudson Valley landmarks before? Share more with us below.

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