A GoFundMe campaign has been started for a popular Hudson Valley wrestler who suffered a terrible accident in the ring recently. Rob Begley, also known as Vik Dalishus, is half of the pro wrestling tag team 'The Now'.

On December 1st, Begley was in the midst of a match when he fell from the top ring all the way to the floor. He suffered a severe spiral fracture to his tibia as well as fracturing his fibula. Several surgeries and months of rehab are necessary.

With a six to eight month recovery time projected, Begley will be immobile for three months. He'll be out of work for up to six months so hopefully this GoFundMe campaign will help the family get through the difficult months ahead.

Check out this great highlight reel from a few years ago. 'The Now', Vik Dalishus along with Hale Collins, have always been a lot of fun to watch in the ring.