So let's fast forward shall we, into next week when Halloween is in the rearview mirror and you are trying to regroup from a "Party" holiday being on a Sunday.

Not only will you be heading back to work with a Halloween candy hangover but the kids have to head back to school and Tuesday is election day. There is a lot coming at you the first week of November so here are a few things I think you should on the of chance you October went out with a bang.

Don't Sweat the Extra Candy

If you ended up with leftover candy from Halloween or worst your kids came home with a big stash you are going to be forced to help eat. My advice, just eat it. You can try to pawn some off on your office co-workers but let's face it everyone will be going with that plan. Monday is not the day to swear off of the Halloween candy, give yourself until at least Thursday then revisit the idea of a diet before Thanksgiving.

photo by pq

Don't Fight the Weather

Temperatures are starting to drop next week and most of the days are going to be cloudy. Monday may be the pick of the week as the weather buffs would say so plan now for how you are going to get some fresh air and exercise. I suggest you spend some part of the weekend looking for those warm clothes. Take in a favorite Hudson Valley Trail near you next week even if it is just for five minutes.


Find Time to Take a Break

November is off and running. There is a good chance we are going to find that it flies by as fast as the rest of the year did so this is the time to be very direct with your plans. We have two month left of 2021 and starting 2022 feeling behind could set you up for some craziness after the holiday season is over. Find time to do you, whatever that maybe. You time at least once every day for a few minute will make a big difference.


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