A Hudson Valley chef is featured in the newest season of "Hell's Kitchen."

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Alex Lenik is one of 18 contestants who are trying to impress celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on Fox's "Hell's Kitchen." Season 20 of "Hell's Kitchen premiered on Monday. This season, dubbed "Hell's Kitchen Young Guns," features a twist in that all of the contestants are younger than 24.

The season was actually shot in 2019, before the COVID pandemic, when Alex was 22.

"2 years later and the time finally comes. Mark your calendars for May 31st!!! The kitchen is about to get hot!!!," Lenik wrote on Instagram before the premiere.

In a trailer for the season, Lenik is featured as a "line cook from Hudson Valley, New York." Doing some research Hudson Valley Post has learned Lenik attended The Culinary Institute of America.

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He's worked as a Chef De Partie at Heritage Food & Drink in Wappinger Falls, Mill House Brewing Company and Lolita's Pizza, both in Poughkeepsie, according to his Linkedin.

Prior to the season premiere, Lenik went viral for his hilarious misunderstanding. He thought the show would be filming in France and was mentally preparing to work in Paris.

"So, who's going to tell him? 😅 #HellsKitchen," the caption to the tweet reads.

The reason why Lenik thought he was going to France is likely because "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" was filmed inside Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas.

New episodes of "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" air Monday nights on Fox. You can catch up with FoxNow- Hulu.

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