Following Blizzard Stella, Poughkeepsie is trying figure out how to move forward after an “astronomical” cost for snow removal. We also learned why the National Guard came to Dutchess County to help following the storm.

In the below video, Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison tells Hudson Valley Post how the city is trying to deal with the “astronomical” cost of snow removal caused by Blizzard Stella.

Rolison also told us why the Gov. Cuomo deployed an additional 100 National Guard members and an additional 100 pieces of equipment to help clean up Poughkeepsie after the storm. Rolison also mentions why he is proud about the cities effort to get Poughkeepsie back up and running after the storm.


WPDH's Robyn Taylor recently came up with an idea on how to clean up Poughkeepsie in seven minutes or less. Mayor Rob Rolison love's the idea! In the below video, he explains how it could work!