Out of all of the universities in New York State this one was ranked the highest in the Hudson Valley. It even ranked high among other schools in the nation.

Higher education is a costly thing. If you're going to spend your money or in most cases take out a loan to go to college then you at least want to make sure you are getting you monies worth.

Around this time last year we published a breakdown of the prices of each Hudson Valley school per semester from the least to most expensive. You can check out the list and the cost of tuition at each school here.

Price may be a huge factor in determining where to continue you education but it's not the only thing.

Wallet Hub recently released a list of the best ranked colleges and universities for 2022. They made the list based on several different findings. Colleges ranked on the list were determined by factors like cost of tuition, diversity, safety, average class size, admission rates, student to professor ratio, how many graduates were employed after they achieved their degree and overall college experience.

Many colleges in New York did well one the list was the 6th best school in The Empire State.

Not only did Vassar College rank 48th out schools all over the country but they ranked 6th out of 48 schools on the list.

Vassar College is a Liberal Arts University in Poughkeepsie, New York and was founded in 1861. The campus is absolutely gorgeous.

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