You might recall an article from a while back that talked about something magical coming to Poughkeepsie. There was a sign in the window of an empty building in the Walkway area of the City of Poughkeepsie that read ‘Something Magical Coming Soon” What could it be? Well, the mystery has been solved, and it’s great news. 

A new magical witchcraft (and much more) store is opening at 8 Mt. Carmel Place in Poughkeepsie. The new store is called Witchcraft District Bazaar, and will have their grand opening on Saturday, Oct. 16 from 11AM - 6PM. The store will offer a host of items ranging from witchcraft supplies, ritual tools, healing crystals and magical stones to herbs and cleansing implements, witchy home decor, aromatic and ritual candles, books, occult items, bones, skulls, and Witchcraft District branded novelties and apparel. The store will also offer appointment only tattoos, magically charged healing and self-empowering sigil tattoos as well as custom tattoos. 

The store is the brainchild of Renee M. and A W Storm Anderson whose background, experience and interest are in Magic, the Occult, and Gothic. The Andersons are not native to Poughkeepsie, but they’ve spent some time here and knew it would be the perfect place to live and work. I think they’ll fit right in. Who doesn’t love the idea of new business and new community minded residents? Their story is fascinating, and you can read about them, their backstory and the new store on the Witchcraft District Bazaar website.

The Andersons were kind enough to share some photos of the new store so we could get a sneak peek ahead of the opening. I’m sure you can’t wait to check it out in person, but in the meantime, here’s a teaser…

Poughkeepsie’s Magical Mystery Solved, and It’s Awesome!

Sneak Peek of Witchcraft District Bazaar in Poughkeepsie

We wish The Andersons the best of luck in their new store on Mt. Carmel Place in Poughkeepsie and welcome them to the area. And thanks for the sneak peek!

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