Severe weather may be in store for the Hudson Valley tonight, and it could come with everyone's least-favorite side-effect: power outages. Here's what to expect, and how to prepare.

Severe Storms Coming to the Hudson Valley

Central Hudson took to Facebook this morning to warn their customers about potential outages tonight due to the potential approaching thunderstorms:

Storms are possible beginning this afternoon into the overnight hours, with wind gusts up to 55 mph... Damaging wind gusts may cause service interruptions, so please plan ahead.
They also shared a link to their outage report site, which will also include an updated map of outages as they occur. Most seasoned Hudson Valley residents have been through more than a few power outages in their lifetime, but for newbies (or as a refresher), here are the best ways to make sure you're ready for a power outage:
soupstock via Canva
soupstock via Canva

Water Loss in the Hudson Valley, NY

If you get your water from a well like I did growing up in the boonies of Ulster County, NY, loss of power can mean loss of water. Filling up a few large pots (or even your bathtub) with water can help you with cooking, drinking, or even a quick sponge bath if the outage becomes prolonged. A supply of bottled water is helpful, too. Other items to keep on-hand include a flashlight with fresh batteries, canned food and a can opener, and the fortitude not to open your refrigerator multiple times when the power's out. Or...

Using a Generator

Of course a whole-house generator can mitigate any worries of an outage. When the power goes out, these helpful machines go on, keeping your lights on and your temper even. Just make sure your generator is outdoors and in a well-ventilated area. More safety information can be found here.
Thunderstorms can seemingly show up out of nowhere and cause intense damage, like it did last year in Wappingers. Keep scrolling to see the destruction, including a smashed cow (statue) and the MASSIVE tree that fell across the road below.

Village of Wappingers Devastated by Surprise Storm

A massive thunderstorm ripped through the Village of Wappingers on Wednesday during the early evening hours. While it didn't last too long, there were many areas devastated by the strong winds and rain.

Photos: Hudson Valley Home Destroyed By Storm, Pet Killed

Parts of the Hudson Valley bore the brunt of Tuesday's storm as clean-up continues Wednesday. One Hudson Valley family lost their home.