House Republicans have voted to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Republicans argued the President benefited from the foreign business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. The President has always maintained he had nothing to do with his son's business. An impeachment inquiry is a step toward potential impeachment. 

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The GOP-led committees on Oversight, Ways & Means and the Judiciary have been investigating Biden over accusations he had leveraged his office as vice president in the Obama administration to enrich his family through foreign businesses.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said on the House floor ahead of the vote,

"We are now at a pivotal moment in our investigation. We will soon depose and interview several members of the Biden family and their associates about these influence-peddling schemes. But we are facing obstruction from the White House. The White House is seeking to block key testimony from current and former White House staff. It is also withholding thousands of records from Joe Biden’s time as Vice President. President Biden must be held accountable for his lies, corruption, and obstruction. We have a duty to provide the accountability and transparency that Americans demand and deserve."

House Republicans voted Wednesday to formalize an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden as their investigation reaches a critical juncture and right-wing pressure grows. The vote was along party lines, 221 to 212.

Until now, House Republicans did not have enough votes to legitimize their ongoing inquiry with a full chamber vote. One of the main reasons why it hadn't received enough support from the full GOP conference was that there has been little found in regard to wrongdoing by the president on the Biden family's alleged foreign business dealings.

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In response to the House vote, Biden said that the move against him was a “baseless political stunt that even Republicans in Congress admit is not supported by facts."

President Biden released a statement Wednesday, December 13th saying,

I wake up every day focused on the issues facing the American people – real issues that impact their lives, and the strength and security of our country and the world. Unfortunately, House Republicans are not joining me. Instead of doing anything to help make Americans’ lives better, they are focused on attacking me with lies. Instead of doing their job on the urgent work that needs to be done, they are choosing to waste time on this baseless political stunt that even Republicans in Congress admit is not supported by facts.

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The House vote comes as Hunter Biden, President Biden's son, has defied the Republican investigator's subpoena for a closed-door testimony Wednesday and reiterated he is willing to testify publicly as part of the probe against him.

Contempt proceedings will be initiated against Hunter Biden for not appearing for the deposition.

Formalizing the inquiry does not mean impeaching President Biden is inevitable, says the GOP Leadership. Republicans on the House Rules Committee argued that the move was in response to stonewalling by the Biden administration to hand over documents.

House Speaker Mike Johnson told reporters,

“We’re not going to prejudge the outcome of this because we can’t. It’s not a political calculation. We’re following the law and we are the rule of law team and I’m going to hold to that.”

President Biden concluded his statement yesterday by saying,

The American people deserve better. I know what I am going to remain focused on. I would invite Republicans in Congress to join me.

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