The HBO Max series is looking for people to fill multiple roles in Saugerties.

Many have been saying that the Hudson Valley is becoming the new Hollywood and from what I can tell it seems like it's true. There have been several film and television productions using the Hudson Valley for the backdrop. It makes perfect sense. It's a short drive from many stars who live in New York City and film companies can get significant tax credit for filming here.

Sometimes these productions can cause a bit of a headache for local residents but these projects to help the economy. It's also pretty cool to see celebrities hanging out at local hot spots. Woody Harrelson has been spotted all over the Hudson Valley since the filming of the HBO's The White House Plumbers began about 6 months ago.

Another big show is being filmed here in the Hudson Valley and they're looking for extras to work in the area.

A reboot of Pretty Little Liars is filming in Saugerties. It's called Pretty Little Liars: Original sin and it's rumored to be a reboot.

According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission's Facebook page, there's currently a casting for background performers that can work on September 1. The casting call is looking for people to be in the background of a cafeteria.

They also note that applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be fully vaccinated for at least 14 days.

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