Same-sex marriages were not legally recognized by the state of New York in 2003. In 2004 New Paltz Mayor Jason West performed same-sex weddings and pushed the lesbian gay bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community to the forefront in New York and later across the nation.

In 2005, the first New Paltz Pride March & Festival was held in June. This march has continued to present day and continues to grow in numbers. Not just with members of the LGBTQ community, but supporters as well.

Hudson Valley resident Amy Jessup was there marching to show her support for the LGBTQ community.

"For me, it was an honor to march in the Pride Day Parade for a number of reasons. I feel honored to have been able to march in the parade with my teammates the Hudson Valley Horrors, but I'm proud to say I marched with specific loved ones of mine in mind. Personally I feel that Pride Day should be every day as there's no reason to not show respect and kindness to each other, we are all Humans at day's end upon this tiny planet we call Earth."

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