Your read that correctly, it seems Drew and Jonathan Scott have just kicked off a career in the music industry. What can't these brothers do!

These uber talent twins aren't keeping their skills to themselves and I'm not talking about their reno skills. The brothers just released their first single as a country duo, called 'Hold On', featured below.

The song is about loved one's reuniting with each other and their family members, a real tear jerker if you ask me. At first when I started listening I was sure that at some point someone was going to jump out and ya! But to much chagrin this is a real thing. Not saying they're bad, they're actually pretty great. Just very difficult to take the Property Brothers so serious or at least as serious musicians.

Thankfully we don't have to, well at least not all the time. Word has it this is not the end of the road for the home improvement bro's, just a new stepping stone. And while a full album is said to be in the works we can still count of their witty charm and rugged good looks as they renovate homes.

You may even spy the Scott brothers up close and personal as they've returned to the Hudson Valley for a second time to shoot for their super successful HGTV show 'Property Brothers'. Heck you may even see me lurking in the bushes as they tape. But shhh, don't tell. Some paper says something about being a thousand feet away. Restraining order, shmerstraining order. Blah Blah! Enjoy the single.