Have you ever served in the military? Thank you for doing that! Have you been presented with the honor of the Purple Heart? If you are reading this and don't know what the honor of the Purple Heart is, it is a medal that is given to a service member if they are ever injured or killed as a result of being in military action.

There is the National Purple Heart Museum & Hall of Honor and it is located in New Windsor, New York. Have you ever been there? The museum is looking to make sure everyone who has received a Purple Heart is also in the museum.

Where is the National Purple Heart Museum & Hall of Honor in New Windsor, New York?



The National Purple Heart Museum and Hall of Honor is located within just a few miles of the Army's West Point Academy. Their actual address is 374 Temple Hill Road Route 300, New Windsor, NY 12584 and it is operated by the New York State Parks Department. 

How can your name be added to the National Purple Heart Honor Roll?

Ceremony Held At Mt Vernon For National Purple Heart Day
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What do you need to get yourself or your family member enrolled? You will need a copy of the DD-214, and verification of receiving a Purple Heart from your branch of service.

In addition to this information and the application form, it is asked that you also supply a photograph of yourself, as well as a short essay as to how you earned (or your family member earned) the medal.

Again, thank you for your service. Please have your name added to this special honor roll.

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