The world is getting back to normal and the biggest sign of normalcy, at least for me and other reality show fans, is the fact that ABC's The Bachelorette is back!

Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic who loves corny reality shows about people falling in love.So, sue me.

Katie Thurston, who appeared on the last season of ABC's The Bachelor with Matt James at the lead, is now on her own journey to find love.

One of the over 25 men vying for her love and attention? David Scott of Putnam County.

I had a friend reach out to me and share that "buddy from college" was going to be on the show. My friend mentioned that this guy had ties to the Hudson Valley, graduating from a Putnam County high school and going to school at Saint Bonaventure in western New York.

I'm skeptical about everything, but...

After a little bit of research, I found out that my friend wasn't pulling my chain. The ExaminerNews.Com reports that Scott indeed grew up in Cortlandt and graduated from Walter Panas High School.

Scott currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

When David made his way out of the limo on Night 1 he made quite the impression on Ms. Thurston. He also made an impression on the internet as his pants had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and looked like a pair of high waters.

The memes and Tweets were hilarious:


Thankfully the pants situation wasn't too distracting. Scott received a rose at the end of the night and will be back for Week 2 on The Bachelorette.

To watch David Scott spit some game, check out The Bachelorette on ABC Monday's at 8pm.

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