It’s always cool when famous celebrities get wrapped up in the world of sports. It’s even better when a famous celebrity (who is well known for one of the most famous shows of the last 20 years) decides to support the Buffalo Bills and their franchise quarterback, Josh Allen.

In case you missed the social media post that the Bills posted on Sunday, it features actor Rainn Wilson (aka: Dwight Schrute from ‘The Office’) giving some major love to Bills quarterback, Josh Allen.

Check out the video below!

If you remember back in the fall of 2020, after the Bills beat the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football, Rainn Wilson tweeted that Josh Allen was his second favorite quarterback (an inside joke for his favorite quarterback).

That prompted Josh to tweet back what might be the most famous 'The Office' joke of all-time.

"Assistant favorite QB, or assistant to your favorite QB?"

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Dwight Schrute is one of the greatest TV characters of all-time and it's a classic example of perfect casting, because Rainn Wilson has the right demeanor for that kind of character.

The fact he's going out of his way to tweet about the Buffalo Bills is awesome and who knows, maybe he shows up to a Bills home game this year or during the Bills next playoff run.

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