You don't have to pay a million dollars to enjoy this stunning view in Putnam County.

We all know how expensive it is to find a home in the lower Hudson Valley and in the Hudson Valley. Prices have become pretty crazy and everyone is struggling when it comes to finding their perfect spot. I wish it wasn't so, but ti doesn't seem like the struggle is going to be changing anytime soon.

Living by the water is pretty incredible, I mean very incredible. It's peaceful, calming and beautiful even on the worst of days.

A million dollars will get you a nice home (crazy because it used to get you an amazing home), but I found a way where you don't have to spend a million dollars and you can live like a celebrity here.

What awesome spot is for sale in Carmel, New York?

Melissa Carlton/Houlihan Lawrence Cold Spring via
Melissa Carlton/Houlihan Lawrence Cold Spring via

I mean that view alone is stunning, what a spectacular spot. This is really the selling point of the home LOL

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Imagine beautiful summer days/nights and sitting here and enjoying the view. The lake you see above is Lake Sagamore and you'll have your own privates spot where you can tan and relax.

What else is so special about this property?

Okay I know the lake is super important, but there are other cool things about the house that's on it. The home has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is over 2,000 square feet in size. It also has a private dock which is perfect for throwing awesome summer parties on.

Where is the home and lake property in Carmel, New York located at?

This home is located on 131 Sagamore Drive right in Carmel and the current listing price is $895,000. Carmel is a great spot because you can easily commute into the city if you need to and to other parts of the Hudson Valley.

Click here for more details on this amazing spot.

How safe is Carmel, New York?

Overall, Carmel has a pretty good safety rating and it's safer compared to 74% of cities in the United States.

The safest places to be in carmel are:

  • Allen Corners/Berkshire Terrace
  • Kent Corners
  • Lake Carmel
  • Crafts
  • Town Center/Carmel Hills

This will also give someone piece of mind when they are thinking of moving to Carmel.

We wish the person who buys this amazing spot the best of luck and hope they have many fabulous memories in this place.

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