Hudson Valley police departments have begun tracking down any driver that is caught on camera passing a stopped school bus that has its red lights activated.

In the last few years, numerous Hudson Valley school districts have let the community know that some of the school buses that we see driving every day are now equipped with new technology that could lead to you getting a ticket if you break the law.


School Bus Patrol

Some of the bus companies that operate school buses in the Hudson Valley are now equipped with new cameras and license plate readers that have been installed on random buses in hopes of stopping drivers from passing them when they have their lights and stop signs activated.

Currently, it's unclear how many buses actually have the new technology but I can tell you that I don't think the buses I see driving on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie have it yet because almost every day I see someone drive right past a stopped bus that is on the other side. YES, you MUST stop when a school bus stops and turns on lights and stop sign when it's on the other side of a center median!!

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Red Hook "Bus Patrol"

That's what the Red Hook Police Department is calling its attempt at cracking down on drivers that drive past stopped school buses that have their red lights and stop signs activated. The bus patrol is fairly new in Red Hook but is already leading to drivers getting tickets.


Woman Caught on Camera Driving Past Stopped School Bus

According to the Red Hook Police Department Facebook page on Friday, January 20th, they received a complaint from the Red Hook School District that reported an alleged incident where a vehicle had driven past a school bus with its red lights and stop signs activated.

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Police started an investigation and after reviewing the new camera and license plate readers installed on the buses, police were able to identify the vehicle. As the investigation continued they were able to identify the driver, a 42-year-old female from Germantown, New York. The driver was issued tickets for "failing to stop for a school bus with lights and stop sign activated and improper use of lane", both infractions according to police.

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