Okay, so this subject really grinds my gears. I lent my car to someone for a day because their car was in the shop. I've been there myself, and I've appreciated when people could spot me with either rides or loaning me their car, so I figured I pass it forward. My friend returns the car later that night, hands me the keys, no problem. When I get into my car to go to work the next morning, I read that the car is almost out of gas. The needle is right on E! I gave the car over with half a tank, and it gets returned to me on E?! First of all, how much driving did they end up doing? And secondly, why would they return the car to me without gas?

I don't think that expecting to have gas in my car after loaning it to someone is too much to ask? So, I asked you guys: When you borrow someone's car, do you fill up the gas tank before returning it?

On our Instagram, 92% of listeners said "Absolutely," while 8% of listeners answered "Why would I?" Well, I'm glad that I'm not too crazy. It just seems like the polite thing to do. Someone is doing a big favor for you, you might as well put a little back into the tank. It doesn't need to be totally full, just don't leave it on empty. I know gas prices are ridiculous right now, but still, that's just being courteous.

We have some of the responses we received below. If you borrowed someone's car, what would you do?

When You Borrow a Car, Should You Refill the Gas Tank Upon Return?

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