You may remember when McDonald's brought back its discontinued szechuan sauce after they made a big deal about it on Rick and Morty. You may also remember that people went a little nuts over it, and McDonald's did not have the supply to keep everyone happy. They brought it back again for a little while, but where can you go if you want to get some of that sweet sauce now?

Well, good news: as a tie-in with the new movie Eighth Grade (which features a main character who, like many eighth graders, is obsessed with Rick and Morty), the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater is brewing its own version of the famed szechuan sauce in several of its locations, including the one in Yonkers.

Now you've got to actually go to a showing of Eighth Grade in order to get the sauce. Luckily, word is the movie is fantastic, and a great directorial debut for comedian Bo Burnham. It beats waiting in line at a McDonald's for hours only to be told there isn't any sauce left, that's for sure.